Mission Statement

The Spa City Farmer’s Market commits to offering our customers producer-only vendors of the highest quality products. Healthy living is important to all of us so we give special preference to small New York based producers of natural, organic and whole foods and products.

We will work extremely hard all year round to create a fun, exciting and entertaining first-class experience for all our customers, the surrounding communities and their families.


Raise public awareness of the many benefits to eating and living healthy.

Produce the highest quality goods and services for our customers by selecting the most passionate producers we can find and by offering honest and accurate information to our customers.

Offer the highest level of customer service always.

Provide a real opportunity to help local small businesses grow, employ more local residents looking for work, and be a growing revenue source for all the stakeholders in the market.

Create the future standard by which all Farmer’s markets are judged through collaboration and innovation from all the stakeholders beginning with our customers, employees, interns/volunteers, vendors, Saratoga National Museum of Dance, The Spa City, The Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the State of New York.

For profit means we are always open for business with open eyes and listening ears so we welcome and invite your input to help us improve and make the Spa City home to not only the best thoroughbred racetrack in the country but the best Farmer’s Market as well.